Ashton ShepherdWhere has Ashton Shepherd been? Or better yet, who is Ashton Shepherd?

Why would a person be interested in Ashton Shepherd’s Facebook or website or anything else Ashton Shepherd because Ashton says simply, ” I will be glad to have ya’ “said in her much southern expression as though she is inviting you to her home in rural lower Alabama?
Ashton Shepherd is a country music artist who got a record deal with Universal Music Group at age 20. Ashton charted 2 consecutive top 20 hits on Billboard with rave reviews to boot from Rolling Stone Magazine to The Wall Street Journal. They referred to her as “the critics darling” after releasing her debut album “Sounds So Good” which she debuted on Good Morning America in spring 2008.
And after this, if you weren’t sure who she is then “Look It Up.” That was Ashton’s last top 20 single that stayed on the charts through mid-2011. And in late 2011 Universal released “Where Country Grows” which Ashton performed in July 2011 on Jay Leno 7 months pregnant with her little girl. Jay actually talked of Ashton being pregnant in a positive manner talking of how she was still out working 7 months pregnant. Ashton is flying high at this moment in time inside her career.

Well, what happened?
Ashton gave birth to her second child little Raden Delilah on September 9th, 2011. Ashton was prominent to stay home with her daughter a good long while. She didn’t know in all her happiness and a new beautiful baby girl being born that the parting with her record label was just around the bin.

Ashton states that she reached out somewhat to Nashville after she and UMG parted ways receiving some response but yet and still she says they continued to focus on “songs”. In Ashton’s words “I had gotten to a really sad place in my career. I felt so against the wall. It wasn’t because I wasn’t with Universal anymore but because all I had been told for half of my 5 years with Universal was that my songs were not “what they were looking for” and in this, I began to doubt my talent as an artist because I could not figure out why they kept saying’ this when they signed me because they considered me not only a good singer but a talented songwriter. And in all my calling and touching base something just didn’t feel right. Something was telling me there was somewhere else I could and should be regardless of what people kept saying I should do.”
Ashton is now proudly independent. She states “Ya know, I guess I always was independent anyway. I’m just me. I write as I write. No, I don’t live in Nashville though I’ve had many people ask if I did or when was I going to move from Alabama,” she adds with a smile. “I write music in my livin’ room or at the pickin’ shed, a place my husband and his brother built just for music.”
Ashton has completed a brand new album, “This Is America” and it will be available on Itunes very soon.
She is continuing to grow her Facebook page by the thousands with simple posts that let her fans into her life differently than most artists.
Ashton continues in telling us when we asked her if she runs her own FB page and she says, “I love my fans. And I reckon because I don’t have 8 million likes I can answer everyone’s messages,” she laughs “Thing is, I love to help people and look so forward to reading my fans’ comments every day because it proves that my music matters to people and it makes me feel like I matter to them even when I feel really low sometimes.”
Ashton has also launched her own cooking show called “Cookin’ Country” which begins airing next week on
Ashton also has a brand new website that you can visit to get to know her even better. Here fans have the option to be a fan club member for $27.00 a year where you have access directly to Ashton via email where she sends you email updates from her and much more.
Meanwhile, she is promoting her new single “This is America” too through radio and touring some. Oh, and don’t forget she’s a happily married 27-year-old mother of 2.
Now I think you know who Ashton is and where she has been. And maybe she has left you wanting to know her a little better and you can by buying her brand new album when it releases or visit once completed, or like her Facebook page, and check her out soon on the Foodie TV network online or all of the above. Ashton left us saying, ” I am just proud and thankful to the Good Lord to have fans that care about me and my music. And that helped keep my career alive. It means so much to me but more importantly, it means I can always make a living for my family as long as God allows me to make music and as long as there are fans to buy it.”

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